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Previous Teaching Experience
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Previous Teaching Experience


Carles launched his career in 1995 with a a nine-city solo piano tour of Catalonia to raise funds for children injured in the Bosnian War.
Later he joined the St Petersburg Vocal Quartet
as a piano accompanist.
In 1997 he launched his music teaching experience
at the Institut Jordi Povill Ubach - Barcelona, as Director of Music.


From 1998 to 2002 Carles was the Choirmaster/Conductor and Teacher of Piano, Music Theory and Harmony at the Centre d'Estudis Musicals del Berguedà, l'Espill. During this time he developed pupils' ability to relate aural perception and appropriate mental concepts to the elements of music involved in their singing and instrumental performance. Skills such as sight-singing, rhythmic reading, aural training, hearing in depth and all aspects of musical literacy were obvious areas of concern. He taught piano from levels 1 to 8 and worked in a regular basis with the polyphonic choir and orchestra.
In July 1999 he was employed by Escola de Música i Arts del Lluçanès as Director of Education Development & Enrolment Depts. as well as Piano, Music Theory and Composition Teacher. This position involved a wide variety of approaches and age groups.The core of tasks was to provide information to parents and students, recruit teaching candidates, lead the weekly faculty meeting, promote and organise performances/extra-activities and monitor teachers' professional standards.
From October 2002 to August 2004 he worked as Director of Music and Head of Character Oriented Education Dpt. at the ELP (English Language Programme) of St Joseph Convent School for Girls in Bangkok, which is the most popular institutions for primary and secondary education in Thailand, with 4 Royal Awards.
There, he developed the music curriculum from KS1 to KS4, and re-organised the Glee Club, which is a social singing and instrumental group that encourages children to interact, helps to identify talented students, builds confidence in shy students and, most important of all, is fun for everybody.


Grade 4

In January 2004 he joined the faculty team of Wells International School of Bangkok and taught music according to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (grades 1-4), which is an international, transdisciplinary programme designed to foster a comprehensive development of the children, not just in the classroom but also through other means of learning. Activities such as music history, theory, performance, instrumental matters focus on the total growth of the developing children, touching hearts as well as minds and encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic welfare.

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