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London 04/07
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London 04/07

Carles relocated from Bangkok to London in late summer of 2004 and soon he started working as a piano teacher and music specialist for KS3 - KS4 at Lister Community School, which is a Specialist Arts Performing College.

Later on, in February 2005, he moved to
St James' Catholic High School, which is a well established, mixed comprehensive school situated in North London. There he taught Music to KS3 and KS4.


St James, which aim is “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10), was founded in 1934 by the Dominican Sisters at the behest of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Bourne.
Music is an integral part of St James and makes an important contribution to its liturgical life.



With the support of a team of peripatetic teachers, students enjoy a wide variety of musical experiences. These range from traditional to modern, including all orchestral instruments, electric keyboards, piano and guitar.


In September 2005 he joined St. Mary Magdalene's CE Primary School as Music Coordinator (EYFS - KS2) and Yr3 Spanish Teacher.

There he developed all different musical contents according to the National Curriculum by providing a comprehensive way to enhance the ability of understanding rhythm, movement, melody, improvisation, form and harmony.

Instrumental [tuned (including steel pans)/untuned percussion, recorders and keyboards] and singing performance were a regular activity. The vocal repertoire comprised unison songs, rounds, part songs in folk, traditional, popular and classical styles and songs from other cultures. A theoretical approach accompanied all tasks in order to acquire compositional skills, the confident usage of musical terminology and the better appreciation of musical structures.

Special emphasis was made in developing the vocal technique and performance of the choir, which was required to participate in many community events and soon became the music ambassador of the school.

As MFL Spanish Teacher he helped Y3 students with their first communicative steps in the foreign language, aiming to provide them with the basic vocabulary needed to talk about themselves in the foreign language, find out about other people and, in addition, to stimulate children's interest in the country's culture and provide talking points about the similarities and differences between the everyday lives of children in different European countries.


Westbourne Schools Choir
In September 2006, Martin Stevenson (Chair Westminster Arts for EiC & Sits on the Arts Council Committee) and Carles Jimenez created the Westbourne Schools Choir, which is a cluster of choirs for Westminster of four schools. The project aims to provide interesting performing opportunities and to enhance the social skills and vocal technique of all members.