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London 04/07
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Escolania de Montserrat

Professional Standpoint

I have several years of work experience over musical and directive activities.
   My work has taught me good organisational skills, in terms of both the ability to work on my own or as part of a team.
   Musical development occupies a central position in my teaching. I think that an absolutely indispensable prerequisite of successful teaching is the all-round musical development of the pupil. Every true music-lover has something personal to express in sound, even if it is not always of great importance, and I feel that as a teacher it is my responsability to help my pupils realise their full potential. 
   I encourage pupils familiarise themselves with string as well as wind instruments. Beginners, especially smaller children, I feel need close supervision to get started.
   For vocal training I believe that, for starters, it is not important what they sing but how they sing it. If too much emphasis is placed on words and notes then the students may be discouraged and therefore lose interest. The words and notes may come out correct but they may very well lack the spirit and emotion that makes good music.

Letting the children play and sing their little improvisations helps developing a creative mind and bring the music out from the soul. These little compositions are not necessarily masterpieces, but then great musicians are not born with their talent from their mother's womb, they acquire the taste and enhance the skills. First we need to learn how to walk before we can run i.e. -to perform properly one needs to know the basics first of all, and to learn the basics one needs to have a heart in the work. I also find that learning theory becomes easier and less dry for the students if I discuss it with them, as it is less formal and therefore more interesting for the students. Having said that, I cannot over emphasise the fact that the musical notation, history, harmony or another specific and relevant musical language subjects are just as important and need to be taught and learned to properly understand and play music.

In summary, music is a passion in my life and it gives me great pleasure to share it with those who enjoy it.

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